Flying into Grand Cayman

Flying into Grand Cayman

Information regarding your flight into Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Flying into Grand Cayman, you will arrive at the Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). Here are some key details and information about the airport:

Location: Owen Roberts International Airport is located on the largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman. It is situated in George Town, the capital city of the Cayman Islands.

Airlines: The airport serves as a hub for various international airlines, including major carriers and regional airlines. Some of the airlines that operate flights to and from Grand Cayman include Cayman Airways, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, United Airlines, and WestJet.

Facilities: Owen Roberts International Airport offers a range of facilities and services to passengers. These include duty-free shopping, restaurants, currency exchange, car rental agencies, ATMs, and Wi-Fi access.

Immigration and Customs: Upon arrival, you will need to go through immigration and customs procedures. Ensure you have your passport, visa (if required), and any necessary travel documents ready for inspection.

Transportation: Once you've cleared customs, you can find transportation options to your destination. Taxis are readily available outside the airport, and many hotels also provide airport transfers. Additionally, there are car rental agencies at the airport if you prefer to have your own vehicle.

It's worth noting that the information provided here is based on general knowledge and may be subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Owen Roberts International Airport and your specific travel requirements, I recommend visiting the official airport website or contacting your airline before your trip.

What Airlines Fly Into Grand Cayman:


Several airlines fly into Grand Cayman's Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). Here are some of the airlines that operate flights to and from Grand Cayman:

Cayman Airways: Cayman Airways is the national airline of the Cayman Islands and offers both domestic and international flights. They provide connections to various destinations in the Caribbean, the United States, and Central America.

American Airlines: American Airlines operates frequent flights to Grand Cayman from various cities in the United States, including Miami, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth.



Delta Air Lines: Delta Air Lines offers flights to Grand Cayman from its hub in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as seasonal flights from New York (JFK).

United Airlines: United Airlines operates flights to Grand Cayman from several major U.S. cities, including Houston and Newark.

British Airways: British Airways operates seasonal flights from London Heathrow to Grand Cayman.

WestJet: WestJet offers seasonal flights to Grand Cayman from Toronto, Canada.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and other airlines may also provide service to Grand Cayman on a seasonal or occasional basis. It's always recommended to check with the specific airline or your travel agent for the most up-to-date information on flight schedules and availability.

Where I can Fly from Non-Stop To Grand Cayman:

There are several cities where you can fly non-stop to Grand Cayman's Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). Here are some common non-stop routes to Grand Cayman:

Miami, Florida, USA: Miami serves as a major hub for flights to Grand Cayman, with multiple daily non-stop flights operated by Cayman Airways and American Airlines.

Tampa, Florida, USA: Cayman Airways offers non stop 737 Max service up to five days a week.

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA: Atlanta is another significant hub with non-stop service to Grand Cayman provided by Delta Air Lines.

New York City, New York, USA: During the peak travel season, non-stop flights are available between Grand Cayman and New York (JFK) operated by Delta Air Lines.

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA: American Airlines offers non-stop flights between Charlotte and Grand Cayman.

Houston, Texas, USA: United Airlines operates non-stop flights between Houston and Grand Cayman.

Toronto, Canada: WestJet provides seasonal non-stop flights between Toronto and Grand Cayman.

London, UK: British Airways offers 777 serivce direct but with a stopover in Nassau muli days per week

Nassau, Bahamas: British Airways offers 777 serivce direct but with a stopover in Nassau muli days per week

Panama City, Panama:  Cayman Airways began service twice a week via 737 Max service in July 2023

The National Airline of the Cayman Islands is Cayman Airways:


Cayman Airways is the national airline of the Cayman Islands. Here are some key details about Cayman Airways:

 History: Cayman Airways was established in 1968 and started operations in 1977. It has since become an integral part of the Cayman Islands' transportation system, connecting the islands with various destinations.

 Fleet: The airline operates a fleet of modern aircraft that includes Boeing 737 jets and Bombardier Q300 turboprops. The fleet size may vary over time as airlines update their aircraft.

Destinations: Cayman Airways serves various destinations in the Caribbean, the United States, and Central America. Some of its popular routes include flights between Grand Cayman and Miami, Tampa, New York, Chicago, Kingston (Jamaica), and Havana (Cuba). The airline also operates domestic flights between Grand Cayman and the sister islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.  Service to Denver and brand new service to Panama City, Panama has been added. 

Services: Cayman Airways offers both passenger and cargo services. Passengers can enjoy amenities such as complimentary snacks and beverages on board, free checked baggage allowances, and the opportunity to join the Sir Turtle Rewards frequent flyer program.   Cayman Airways offers Business Class and Coach Class services on their 737- Max aircraft. 

Safety: Cayman Airways places a strong emphasis on safety. The airline adheres to international safety standards and has a good safety record.

Cayman Airways Express: In addition to its mainline operations, Cayman Airways operates a regional subsidiary called Cayman Airways Express. Cayman Airways Express uses smaller aircraft, primarily the Bombardier Q300, to serve smaller destinations and provide inter-island flights within the Cayman Islands.

It's worth noting that specific flight routes, services, and fleet information may change over time. For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Cayman Airways, including flight schedules, destinations, and services, I recommend visiting the official Cayman Airways website or contacting their customer service directly.

Please note that flight routes and schedules may change over time, and new routes may be added. It's always recommended to check with airlines or online travel platforms for the most up-to-date information on non-stop flights to Grand Cayman from your specific location.

VIP Arrival Services at GCM:


Grand Cayman's Owen Roberts International Airport offers VIP arrival services to provide a premium and streamlined experience for passengers. These VIP services typically include the following features:

Meet and Greet: Upon arrival at the airport, a representative will meet you at the aircraft gate or aircraft stairs and assist you through the arrival process. They will handle all necessary paperwork and guide you through immigration and customs procedures.

Fast-Track Immigration and Customs: VIP arrival services often include expedited processing through immigration and customs. This allows you to bypass the regular queues and proceed through these formalities more quickly.

Baggage Assistance: VIP services include assistance with your luggage. The representative will collect your bags and handle the necessary paperwork for customs clearance.

Dedicated Lounge Access: VIP passengers are often granted access to exclusive lounges within the airport. These lounges provide a comfortable environment with amenities such as complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, and business facilities while you await transportation or connection flights.

Ground Transportation: VIP services can also arrange for private or luxury transportation to your destination on Grand Cayman. This can include chauffeured cars, limousines, or other preferred modes of transportation.

To arrange VIP arrival services at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman, it's recommended to contact the airport's VIP services provider directly or work with a specialized travel agency that offers such services. They will be able to provide detailed information about the available options, costs, and assist you in customizing your VIP experience based on your specific needs and preferences.

For current and detailed information about the Meet and Greet Service offered from the CIAA and Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) please visit their page with complete information.



Flying Private to Grand Cayman:


Flying privately to Grand Cayman offers several advantages, including flexibility, convenience, and personalized travel experiences. Here are some key points to consider when flying privately to Grand Cayman:

Private Jet Charters: Private jet charters allow you to book a private aircraft tailored to your needs. You can choose from a variety of aircraft types and sizes, depending on the number of passengers and the desired level of comfort.

Airport Options: When flying privately, you have the flexibility to choose from different airport options in Grand Cayman. In addition to Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM), which is the primary international airport, you can also consider other smaller airports such as Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (CYB) on Cayman Brac.

Customs and Immigration: When arriving at a private jet, you will still need to clear customs and immigration procedures. However, private terminals often have dedicated staff and streamlined processes, which can expedite the clearance process compared to commercial flights.

Privacy and Convenience: Private flights offer a higher level of privacy and personalized service. You can enjoy exclusive use of the aircraft, choose your preferred departure time, and have a more relaxed and efficient travel experience.

Ground Transportation: When flying privately, you can arrange ground transportation to meet you directly at the private terminal, ensuring a seamless transition from the aircraft to your destination on the island.  Budget Rent a Car can arrange to have vehicles waiting for you upon arrival.  Visit Budget for more details or email Budget for further information.

Additional Services: Private jet charters often provide additional services, such as in-flight catering, customized itineraries, and concierge assistance, to enhance your travel experience.

It's important to note that private jet charters come at a premium cost compared to commercial flights. Prices can vary depending on factors such as aircraft type, flight duration, and availability. To arrange a private flight to Grand Cayman, you can contact private jet charter companies, aviation brokers, or travel agents specializing in private aviation.

Please keep in mind that specific regulations, documentation requirements, and flight procedures may apply when flying privately to Grand Cayman. It's advisable to consult with aviation professionals and relevant authorities to ensure compliance with all necessary protocols and regulations.


For car rentals after your arrival, visit our car rental page.   We highly recommend both Budget Rent a Car and Apex Car Rentals, located at the Owen Roberts Internation Airport (GCM).


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